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307 E Park #211
Anaconda, MT  59711

Phone: (406) 563-3413 
Fax: (406) 563-7463
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Contact Info:
Executive Director: Mary Morgan, LCSW
Program Manager: Janine Stewart
Administrative Assistant: Janice Blaz

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday: 8 am - 5 pm

Ages Served:
Persons age 18 and older

Description of Services Provided:
Adult case management services are based upon a recovery model of care defined as " an individualized process of transformation by which people move from lower to higher levels of fulfillment in areas of hope, active/growth orientation, satisfaction with social networks, control of life decisions and level of symptom interference". This service is strength based where the ability, skills, and desires of the client are the primary determinants of the ACM activity. Case management may include assessing the clients mental status, monitoring the clients ability to function in the community, supporting the client in efforts to remain stable, planning treatment goals and future needs, linking the client to needed community services, or outreach to determine the clients status and needs. Think of the case manager as the hub of the wheel and the spokes of the wheel as the client's needs for housing, benefits, job, school, legal access, medical care access, socialization opportunities, and support.