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Service Principles

Ethical Standards: Employees of WMMHC use ethical methods to perform their job duties.

Respect: Employees of WMMHC show respect for the individual rights and diversity of clients and their families, other service providers and community members.

Belief in Recovery: Our services contribute to each client’s recovery from the limitations of their disabling condition.  Our focus is on developing skills which lead toward a higher level of independence and increased quality of life.

Hope: Hope is the catalyst for the recovery process and is communicated in our service methods.

Individualized and Person Centered: Services are self-directed by the individual and are derived from their unique strengths and resiliencies as well as their needs, preferences, experience and cultural background.

Skilled and Competent Staff: Our agency resources are directed toward hiring and developing the highest quality service providers possible.

Evidence Based Practices: We provide services that are proven to achieve positive results.  We evaluate the effectiveness of the approaches we employ.

Organization & Leadership Principles

Integrity: In all service and business relationships we operate with integrity.

Communication: Internal and external communication is open and honest.

Stewardship of Public Funds: Public funds are used in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Leadership Modeling: WMMHC leadership models the attitudes and behaviors expected of all agency employees.

Responsive to Communities: We respond to the needs and expectations of the communities where we provide services.  We work collaboratively to provide the highest quality services possible.  We are flexible and innovative in our approach.

Respect & Support for Employees: We demonstrate our respect and support for employees by providing training, development opportunities, and evaluation to improve skills and increase job satisfaction.

Self Evaluative: We use data, including client and consumer feedback, to make business and service decisions and implement improvements.  We monitor and report on the efficiency and effectiveness of administrative and client services.