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8 2nd Ave SW
Ronan, MT  59864
Phone: (406) 532-9170
Fax: (406) 676-8503
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Contact Info
Executive Director: Diane Conti, LCPC, CMHP
Medical Director: Torgeir Finsaas, MD 
Psychiatric Nurse: Heather Brown, APRN
Program Manager: Lucinda Bigcrane
Operations Manager: Sabrina Amundson

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday: 8 am - 5 pm

Ages Served
Persons over the age of 18

Description of Services Provided:
Outpatient Psychotherapy may include individual and/or group therapy designed to: evaluate client risk, symptom history and level of functioning; provide education regarding diagnosis, medications, and/or symptom reduction; support skill development in problem solving, communication, managing stress and change, and building supportive relationships; providing a safe a supportive environment to express feelings, reframe perceptions, organize thoughts, and plan for stability. Outpatient therapy services operate within the continuum of care offered by WMMHC and follow best practice models for short term, solution focused psychotherapy based upon clear and identifiable clinical needs.