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Path of Patience

Honoring the Journey of Recovery

For most, these dates represent the first steps along the path, for some the last


May you find inspiration in those that came before 

A big congratulations to you in your journey of recovery!

Recovery Center Missoula's commemorative brick program recognizes the important accomplishments of Alumni who have achieved a year or more in recovery. The Path of Patience is located in the center's courtyard, parallel to the sidewalk. The path started with all who donated to support the center and has evolved to honor those on the path of recovery while providing messages of strength, hope, and courage to others. 

At the time of your one-year celebration, we are proud to gift you a brick on the Path of Patience. Your brick will be engraved with your message, your recovery/sobriety date, and your first name or not – it's totally up to you. Each brick is 4×12" and can be engraved with up to three (3) lines of fifteen (15) characters per line. 

To have your brick engraved, please complete the form below. Our staff will contact you and invite you to the 'Place It' gathering. This event honors all those who will be placing their brick this cycle. It is a beautiful opportunity to come together with family, friends, staff, and other alums to eat, catch up, and place your brick on the Path of Patience. 

We look forward to seeing you and honoring your journey of recovery!

Recovery Center Staff

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