Our Stories

Our stories of hope, meaningful life choices and wonderful outcomes.

Joe's Story

"So I was basically ready to just OD and die. This, from somebody who was given everything."

Laura's Story

"They did try to commit me to Warm Springs, which was really ironic, because I was there with the same people and the judge who I worked with when I committed people to the state hospital before."

Brandi's Story

"Fear has always crippled me. Then I learned that courage is not the lack o fear, but acting in spite of it."

Lisa's Story

"They took my kids away. I wanted to break the cycle of addiction and dysfunction for my family."

George's Story

"I pretty much committed myself. I said to them, I don't have nothing else to do, I think I just got fired."

Caleb's Story

"I was afraid that I wouldn't have fun again when I was in treatment."

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