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Transforming care begins with understanding the unique needs of our Western Montanan community. With an abundance of culture and a steadfast commitment to resilience, we're proud to call this beautiful place home. After all, we're Montana! We have an abundant root system that digs deeply into Indigenous history. We boast one of the largest populations of Indigenous inhabitants within the United States, and we walk hand in hand with our neighbors; people with hearts as big as the Grizzley's that roam the mountains and valleys throughout our region. Our commitment to our people--ALL of our people, is fierce.

We're proud of our dedication to cultural competence, to healthy community systems, to evidence-based care, and to moving into the future with cutting-edge techniques and programs proven to make a difference. We dig deep into the soil supporting the roots of our community, we nourish the trunks of our family forests, and we celebrate branches holding the fruit of tomorrow. We know the face of Montana is an ever-evolving picture and we celebrate ongoing opportunities for growth. As we move forward together, we are prioritizing the cultivation of steadfast stewardship, because we know that recovery is possible, and prevention is abundantly worthwhile. Supporting Wellbeing with science, education, and heart--It's the Western Way!

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