Treatment Services for Adults Living with Alcohol and Drug Addiction

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Recovery Center Missoula

Recovery Center Missoula is the only inpatient comprehensive integrated treatment program in Western Montana. Many individuals struggle with alcohol and drug addiction, which is often complicated by emotional or mental health issues. RCM’s professional staff is specifically trained to provide evidence-based therapies that have produced proven results. We provide the structure to address addiction, addictive behaviors, and emotional challenges within one setting.

The Journey to Recovery Begins Here


Recovery Center Missoula treats clients struggling with substance use involving: 

  • Alcohol

  • Benzodiazepines (alprazolam, clonazepam, lorazepam, diazepam)

  • Heroin and prescription opioids (oxycodone, morphine, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, and fentanyl)

  • Marijuana

  • Stimulants (cocaine, amphetamine (Adderall, Ritalin) methamphetamine)

Treatment programs include an initial assessment, inpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), residential housing, individual therapy, group therapy, and community support.

Treatment Services

Detoxification- Withdrawal Management

Addiction alters neurochemistry and blocks the brains ability to produce chemicals necessary for a sense of well-being. Cravings are the physical manifestation of this altered brain chemistry and emotional addiction to the substance. Medically monitored administration of medications will serve to diminish cravings and begin neurochemical re-balance and ease the discomfort of withdrawal. Detoxification services are provided as a part of your overall treatment continuum and are not provided as a separate, standalone service.

Outpatient Continuing Care – Maintaining Change

We understand that maintaining change is just the beginning of your recovery experience. Continued care is provided after you complete the intensive phase of your treatment and may include groups or individual sessions from one to three times per week. Research confirms that the likelihood of long-term recovery is enhanced by continued participation in structured treatment.

  • Intensive Outpatient: Individual and Group Therapy, up to 10 hours per week
  • Outpatient: Individual or Group Therapy, 2-3 hours per week
  • Peer Support Programs/ 12 Step Programs; as often as desired.

Inpatient Treatment- An Integrated, Holistic Approach

Every person's recovery process is unique. RCM addresses your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs and beliefs through an individualized plan that is both intense and focused on you and your recovery. We do not subscribe to a “one size fits all” model. For most, daily treatment takes place 10–12 hours a day, in a safe and structured environment. The program length varies and is dependent upon your individual treatment needs, but usually lasts 7-45 days. Family services can also be integrated into any part of your treatment.

Partial Hospitalization Program– Continuing or Beginning the Journey

Whether you continue your inpatient experience through partial hospitalization or begin here, our rehab program provides an intensive treatment experience while you live in your supportive environment. Rehab program services take place Monday through Saturday, 12-30 hours per week through intensive outpatient or partial hospitalization programming. For our out-of-town patients, you can live at RCM for a moderate room and board fee.

Assessment & Diagnosis

Your treatment plan starts with a comprehensive assessment that:

  • Confirms addiction history & diagnosis
  • Reviews medical history; evaluates nutritional needs
  • Ascertains emotional, behavioral, or psychiatric issues

How do I begin my recovery?

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Peer Recovery Support

Our peer recovery support offers a network for building strong and mutually supportive relationships within their communities. Peer recovery support services are designed and provided primarily by trained and certified peers/paraprofessionals who have gained practical experience in both the process of recovery and how to sustain it. They provide social support to individuals at all stages on the continuum of change that constitutes the recovery process.


How do you know if you or someone you care about has an addiction?

Contact us to for a free confidential assessment. Our team will contact you within 1 business day to discuss the issues you or your loved one are experiencing and how Western Montana Mental Health Center can help.

Integrated Medication Assisted Treatment (IMAT)


Is IMAT appropriate if I am pregnant?

Absolutely. We work closely with you to protect you and your baby.

Can I use other substances, including alcohol?

The short answer is no. Participation in IMAT requires patients to only use medications as prescribed. Alcohol use, even in moderation, is dangerous.

What is IMAT?

Medication Assisted Treatment (or MAT) is a highly effective, evidence-based treatment protocol for individuals struggling with Opioid Use Disorder. Individuals who utilize MAT are three times more likely to achieve sustained recovery than those who follow more traditional approaches. What sets Recovery Center Missoula apart is our integrated approach, known as IMAT. Patients work closely with a team of professional dedicated to bringing together four essential components of recovery: Biological, Psychological, Social, and Spiritual. By assisting our patients to integrate these areas into a healthy, thriving, content whole, sustained recovery can be achieved by over 70% of patients who successfully participate in our program.

What are symptoms of Opioid Use Disorder?

Symptoms are characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use despite harmful consequences in the area of personal relationships, work, mental health and emotional well-being. Individuals with an OUD will typically experience tolerance (a need for more of a certain drug to achieve the desired effect) and withdrawal symptoms upon cessation of use. Diagnosis of an OUD can only come through an evaluation by a licensed professional.

Will IMAT help with chronic pain issues?

Pain management is a complex treatment issue, and unfortunately, far too many people develop an OUD after using prescription medications for pain. IMAT and specific pain interventions will help with your condition.

Are the medications used in IMAT addictive?

When taken as directed, none of the medications used in our program will result in a new Substance Use Disorder.

What happens if I relapse?

Relapse can sometimes be part of recovery, but it doesn’t mean the end of recovery. Your treatment team will work with you to revise your treatment plan.



“The best decision I have made for my life…..” – Jeanette

“Thank you all at RCM. This is a great program…… you are life savers and have meant the world to me and my family…..” Todd

“RCM is an absolutely amazing place. Open up to the program and everyone here; you will gain another family, but more importantly, you will find yourself again… ” – Nate

“Time at RCM can truly be life changing. Trust the process, trust yourself, and embrace the opportunities presented to you.” – Elaine

“Thank you Recovery Center! I have renewed hope in my ability to stay sober. I can see a future and dreams that are possible once again. One step at a time…. “- Amber

“Thank you RCM staff – I have never met a group of people so dedicated to helping others…..” -Brian

About Recovery Center Missoula

The Facility

Opened in 2013, the building was designed to be part of the healing process with use of ambient light, color, and distinctly natural design elements. This tasteful setting provides the foundations for confidential, therapeutic treatment.

Welcome to Missoula

Missoula is located in Western Montana’s beautiful Five Valleys. The area is a draw to outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds and boasts world-renowned blue-ribbon rivers, luring anglers to try their sport. Missoula is appreciated for its easy access to hiking trails, skiing, open space, cycling, hunting, fishing, golf, kayaking, and other water sports. The Big Sky mystique draws extraordinary healthcare professionals to the edge of the Rocky Mountains and provides a supportive environment for their expertise, families, and individual pursuits. As the home to the University of Montana, Missoula cultivates an educated population, the arts, and an entrepreneurial culture. The area finds its historic roots with Native Americans, explorers, and early pioneers, shaping the culture of today. While the city has a long-chronicled past, it still holds the small-town atmosphere with no more than 70,000 people. It is a perfect location for incorporating a highly trained staff, the outdoors, and a private setting for addiction treatment.

RMC Mission

Recovery Center Missoula is committed to providing exceptional treatment to individuals and their family members suffering from addictions and co-occurring mental health disorders. Through evidenced based, cost effective, innovative, and comprehensive treatment, our professional multi-disciplinary team provides caring and respectful services to restore hope and empowerment to those we serve. Organizational Values RESPECT: We are committed to creating and sustaining an environment in which staff, patients, and others are treated with respect and dignity. BELIEF IN RECOVERY: Our services contribute to each patient’s recovery. Our focus is on developing skills which lead toward a higher level of independence and increased quality of life. HOPE: Hope is the catalyst for the recovery process and is communicated in our service methods. INDIVIDUALIZED AND PERSON CENTERED: Services are self-directed by the individual and are derived from their unique strengths and resiliencies as well as their needs, preferences, experience, and cultural background.


Recovery Center Missoula (RCM) is designed to meet the needs of those suffering from substance use disorders/ addiction and co-occurring psychiatric disorders. The Center utilizes evidence based therapeutic interventions to promote a healing recovery process that can last a lifetime. RCM offers inpatient treatment and partial hospitalization/day treatment services to adults 18 and over. Located in the heart of Missoula’s five valleys, RCM creates an individualized treatment plan tailored to your identified needs following a thorough assessment of medical, emotional, and substance use history. Families and significant others are welcomed and encouraged to participate with patients through our family program. Built with native materials, filled with natural light, RCM balances privacy with therapeutic community living. RCM is located along the Clark Fork corridor adjacent to trails, open space, and the unique Missoula community.

Experience Montana Inspired Menus

Look forward to meals that are tastefully prepared by our skilled and experienced Chefs. Good nutrition is essential to the recovery process and fundamental to helping an individual feel their best from the inside out. Fresh, locally sourced ingredients are an important part of RCM meals. Our Chefs highlight their culinary skills in traditional Montana standards and combines the old-world tradition of European cuisine with the American holistic approach to food preparation all the way through to the table. Italian, Asian, and Spanish cooking influences their menu selections. The dining experience is an asset to the RCM experience.

Recovery is not only possible, it is essential. We can help.

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