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Everyone knows a pot-luck dinner is better with more than one cook in the kitchen! Potlucks offer abundance, diversity, and a vast selection of culinary mastery--with the occasional marshmallow aspic that everyone avoids (except that one kid who only eats marshmallow aspic and nothing else--we've all met a kid like that). Luckily, our Western Montana Communities are skilled at working together to supply an abundance of options, so that no sole organization has to provide everything on their own. We're in partnerships to be proud of and are happy to refer our clients in the direction that works best for their needs. Having solid connections is key to meaningful referrals, and you can be sure we've got the tools to support your journey and to make sure that a lunch of marshmallow aspic isn't where you are headed, unless, of course, you happen to be that kid we mentioned earlier...and that's your jam. We will always strive to support you regardless of what's on your plate. Working together with a smile--It's the Western Way!


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