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Cooperative Relationships in Ravalli

With a regional shortage of LAC's, WMMHC in Hamilton works with steadfast devotion for our Ravalli County community members who struggle with addictions that have led them into the cycle of imprisonment. Our steadfast team has worked hard to ensure that Western continues to develop respected relationships within Ravalli County to ensure CD evaluations for inmates are completed in a timely manner. With the dynamic support of Ravalli County Public Defenders, WMMHC sees to it that they are awarded opportunities to get into treatment instead of languishing in jail without support. While it's important to hold people accountable for the crimes they have committed, the reality is that most people in jail are there for addictions issues and mental health problems, but it's mostly addiction. We know that substance misuse treatment is so important if those in the cycle of jail-time are to ever have a chance breaking the cycle and realizing their potential and hope for positive connections within the community. At WMMHC, we believe those individuals struggling with substance abuse deserve to have a chance for success. Western has a longstanding cooperative relationship between Ravalli County jails and their detention center, ensuring that the WMMHC team can have a close working relationship with lawyers to get inmates the help they need and deserve. This collaboration keeps individuals facing addiction out of jail, and instead provides life changing support. When treatment is complete, those who are ready are bolstered with ongoing surround services provided by our outstanding MACT team members. We are so proud of our Western teams for putting in the effort each day to care for our community. We know they strive to reach deep, going above and beyond to serve our communities across Western Montana. It's the Western way!


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