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What does it mean to be "enough"? Can we feel it in our body? Is it felt deep within the belly? Maybe it's a stable rhythm within the heart? When have we achieved a state of enoughness? Is it arrogant or narcissistic to feel satisfied with who we inherently are, right now?

We live in a time wherein declaring enoughness is the cry of the broken, healing warrior. We are confronted daily with terms like, "Imposter Syndrome", with unprecedented levels of cultural anxiety, and depression at younger ages than ever identified before. We are doubtful of our personal worth in a society where measuring worth is coupled with disparity in wage and equity, along with loss of connection or stability as we grope to rediscover what it means to grow back a culture after worldwide pandemic closures and unprecedented loss. So many have lost so much, even as they continue to battle through with uncoupled bravery.

As we lean into the hard question of self-worth, let's remember that self-doubt is learned. It isn't innate to be born with self-doubt. We are taught to doubt ourselves. We can also unlearn that wound. Our brains believe what we tell them. If we send a barrage of negative self-talk to our nervous system, we are literally harming ourselves. Being kind to the self, acknowledging our gifts one at a time, is the healing balm that corrects the damage. You are strong. You are beautiful. You are worthy. You...are enough. Say it over and over again with your hand resting on your heart, allowing your breath to slowly exit your lungs. You deserve to hear it, because it's true.

When we settle into understanding that we are innately worthy of being seen by the self as enough, we also give voice to the fact that those around us are enough, too. As we heal the self, we heal others-offering a new kind of freedom that so many are longing for. You are enough. WE are enough. Isn't it wonderful to know that?


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