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Self-love: a pursuit worth fighting for.

Look in the mirror. Who do you see?

Is the person you see the same person others see? Probably not. For many of us, when we look in the mirror, we hone in on details that others have little time to perseverate on--because they are worried about their own perceived flaws and internal narratives. We notice our imperfections, isolated from the rest of who we are. We notice things that have attached emotions and memories, invisible to the awareness of others. Many of us hear an ongoing narrative about who we "should" be in the face of what we see standing in the mirror. We see our insecurities. We see ourselves in contrast to all the media expectations we've been fed since birth.

There are a lot of conversations happening about how dangerous bullying can be. Statistically, people who bully others have often been bullied, and they move the cycle forward by becoming the bully--turning the focus on others in order to evade being the target. We know that bullying can lead to devastating consequences, and many schools and businesses have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying behavior. But, what can we do about our internal bullies? Who will regulate our internal voices who hone in on our "imperfections"? How can we silence the narratives that tell us we aren't good enough, smart enough, attractive enough, wealthy enough, strong enough, fit enough, not enough...not enough...not enough.


Life is hard enough without being your own internal bully. It's time to wake up from that haze. Look in the mirror again. This time, don't look for what is "wrong" with you. Notice the color of your eyes. Notice your smile. Notice your strengths. Embrace your body, and everything that makes you, now. Instead of discontented judgements, offer yourself the love you so deserve. Be the voice in your head that lifts you up, rather than the voice that cuts you down. Change the narrative from a negative to a positive. Be the voice of someone who loves you and cheer yourself on. But, what does that look like?

It looks like wearing your favorite color. It looks like splashing cool water on your face and smiling at your reflection. It looks like looking outside and appreciating that you get to breathe today. It looks like noticing all the details that make you, YOU...and celebrating your uniqueness. There is no one else exactly like you. Every day, you get to be YOU. You are worthy of love,care, and consideration-- exactly as you are. Right now.

At WMMHC, we know sometimes we need support on our journey to the best version of ourselves. Sometimes the first step to realizing self-love is reaching out for a helping hand. We're here, reaching back. We'll meet you where you are. We know healing is possible. Even if it's hard to see the positive right now...reach out. We believe in you!

You are enough.


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